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Museo Perfumeria Gal Soap Tins - Strip of 5 Heno Soaps and Tins

Museo Perfumeria Gal Soap Tins with Heno Soaps - Strip of 5 Soaps and Tins
Each soap is .5oz. 
EXTREMELY RARE Vintage Product - Made in Spain.

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Magno will soothe and soften your skin

Made in Spain. Magno soaps are black glycerine enhanced with lanolin and mineral salts. It will soothe and soften the skin. Magno is long-lasting, lathers well, and possesses an understated,...

Made in Spain .5 oz Soaps

Currently available - .5oz soaps made in Spain. These vintage soaps are over 5 years old and still look and smell great. Less that 25 left in stock. 

Maja Plum Blossom Now Available

Fresh fragrance that combines floral and fruit notes with the delicacy and finesse of the plum blossom.    

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