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Customer service is available by emailing


1) Where can I buy Maja Locally?
Sorry, we do not know whom sells Maja locally. We are a reseller of Maja products and not the manufacturer so we do not know whom sells it locally. We offer low shipping rates so please feel free to place your order with us on this website or by order form.
You may mail your order into us also - Click this link for Order Form.

2) What is the cost of shipping / handling?
Shipping / Handling rates are posted on our shipping page. As you may know, the cost of shipping has risen in recent years, and the cost was determined based on the products being heavy and needing to be carefully packaged.

3) What countries do you ship to?
Our shipping page contains a list of countries we ship to. If your country is not listed, you may email us at and ask if we can do a special order.

4) Where are Maja products made?
ALL Maja products come from Mexico. Although we do also carry some older stock which is from Spain. Check the product description, the products from Spain will say so, all other Maja products are from Mexico.

5) What is the Return / Exchange Policy?
All orders come with a 10 day money-back guarantee on un-opened / un-used items. Lotions, Bath Gels, Liquid Soaps or Perfume (EDT) CAN NOT BE RETURNED at any time.
(shipping charges are NOT refundable).
If you received Free Shipping or Discounted Shipping when you ordered, but then return a product to us, your refund will be the purchase price minus the cost of shipping we incurred when we sent the shipment to you. 
If you would like to return an unopened / un-used item please mail it to:
Creating Genius, Inc. PO Box 787, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. Please include your order information.
You may also request an exchange of items (only on un-opened / un-used items within 10 days of order date). Shipping charges to send a new item to you will apply. Exchanges for more expensive items will be additional cost.
Items that have been opened or used can not be returned for any reason. 

6) How do I get discounts?
Join our e-newsletter and we will email specials and discounts. We never share your information, nor do we send you more than 16 emails per year. 

7) I have a discount code. How do I use it
The Check Out Pages contains a field to enter codes. 
a) Shop for your items and then press "proceed to checkout".
b) Enter shipping info. This page also lets you enter a DISCOUNT CODE.
If you have a discount coupon or promotional code you may enter it here.
"discount code? Enter it here:" You must Press "APPLY".
You will see your discount show BEFORE entering payment info.

8) Why does the Packaging of product looks different from the web site picture?
Maja packaging will change from time to time and we will not always be able to update pictures. Therefore you may get packaging / boxing that looks different from our website or marketing brochures. 

9) What does require for a Shipping Address?
The shipping address you supply us must be the full and complete address that the U.S. Postal Service will deliver to. If it is a business than you MUST supply the Business Name and Suite number along with your Name. If it is an apartment than you must supply the apartment number. We are not responsible for missing or undelivered packages where you did not supply us with a complete and accurate address. If packages are sent back to us, than you will have the option to re-pay the shipping to have the item shipped to you again. 

10) Do you Substitute for similar products?
Yes, from time to time we may run out of the exact item you ordered and therefore may send you a similar item. It will always be the same brand and it will always be very similar but maybe a different size. But will always give you something of equal or greater value. It does not happen often but it may happen.

11) Do you accept phone orders?
No, sorry we don't accept phone orders.

12) Can I mail in my Order?
Yes, you may mail your order into us. Click this link for Order Form.
Please make all checks payable to:

Creating Genius, Inc.
PO Box 787
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Authentic Maja only offers Genuine and Authentic Maja & other fine beauty products. We have been selling Maja & other fine beauty products since 1997.

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