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Maja Plum Blossom Now Available

Fresh fragrance that combines floral and fruit notes with the delicacy and finesse of the plum blossom.


Written by R J Kirkwood — October 28, 2014

Babaria Face Cream with Bee Venom.

New Exciting Product. A 100% natural product developed from the venom of bee stings. The venom is collected following tradition apicultural methods to produce a concentrated product containing the active ingredients of apamine, melitine and phospholiphase-A2, which provide exceptional cosmetics benefits.

Written by R J Kirkwood — August 25, 2014

Dead Sea Natural Soap now available.

Aroma Dead Sea's minerals rich natural cosmetic soap. Based on black mud and minerals from the dead sea, this soap helps restore the natural balance of the skin.


see product on web site.

Written by R J Kirkwood — July 26, 2014 Special of the Month - Museo Perfumeria Gal

 (5 designs avail. your order will ship with a randomly chosen design)

Museo Perfumeria Gal single soap in a beautiful tin now only $4.95.
This toilet soap from Heno De Pravia comes in a .5oz size with a pretty decorated soap Tin.

This is a one of a kind item from Spain.

Written by R J Kirkwood — July 10, 2014 just reduced pricing on soaps and liquid soaps has always tried to offer our products at the lowest available price. So we are proud to announce the Maja 3 pack rounds and Maja liquid soaps prices have just been reduced.


Written by R J Kirkwood — June 16, 2014 has been selling maja for 17 years has been selling maja since 1997. We are a family run business located in Saratoga Springs, New York. We started in Queens, NY in 1997 as a mail and web order company, and have since grown to run and operate,,,, and websites.


Written by R J Kirkwood — June 10, 2014 - Beauty & Essence has been redesigned to show the beauty and essence of the imports we offer.

Written by R J Kirkwood — May 02, 2014

Maja Lotion. Keep Your Young Looks!

How do the stars keep their young looks?

Eat right, exercise and Maja. Yes, Maja Soaps and Lotions help keep your skin looking and feeling young.
Maja's unique fragrance combined with olive & natural oils will pamper your skin!

Written by R J Kirkwood — April 30, 2014

Authentic Maja only offers Genuine and Authentic Maja & other fine beauty products. We have been selling Maja & other fine beauty products since 1997.

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Introducing the Maja Vintage Collection

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Maja Foam Soaps - Great way to stay clean and have your bathroom look great

 Maja Foam Soaps - Great way to stay clean and have your bathroom look great.

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