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Maja & more ... only offers Genuine and Authentic Maja & other fine beauty products. We have been selling Maja & other fine beauty products since 1997.

What's New Special of the Month - Museo Perfumeria Gal

 (5 designs avail. your order will ship with a randomly chosen design)Museo Perfumeria Gal single soap in a beautiful tin now only $4.95.This toilet soap from Heno De Pravia comes... just reduced pricing on soaps and liquid soaps has always tried to offer our products at the lowest available price. So we are proud to announce the Maja 3 pack rounds and Maja liquid soaps prices have... has been selling maja for 17 years has been selling maja since 1997. We are a family run business located in Saratoga Springs, New York. We started in Queens, NY in 1997 as a mail and web...

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